Merging medical and recreational markets

certified scale. Our head compliance guy was at the tablet ready to record the exact weight of the fresh plant in its entirety into Metrc, the state mandated tracking software. Next we’d hang the plant and cut 12-18 inch sections, quickly strip away water leaves, and arrange the goopy sticks of goodness onto stiff wire hangers. All water leaves, stems, and trunks were weighed and entered into the system before eventually being shredded as needed and added back to our soil. Slowly but surely the loaded hangers filled our custom built rolling racks, and once each rack was full we rolled it into our drying room where they would park in full darkness for several weeks in a perfectly climate controlled environment until ready for the final trim. A lot of magic happens during these weeks and it is a critical part in creating the ultimate legendary appeal that Gnome Grown flower possesses.

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